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Your mortgage is considered secured debt with your home itself serving as collateral.  Unsecured debt isn’t backed by anything tangible. This type of debt includes credit cards and medical treatment.


Whether you're struggling with secure or unsecured debt, we can help you stop harassing creditor calls by deciding if chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy is best for you and your family.

Prevent the bank from foreclosing on your home

The credit bubble and resulting mortgage crisis left many Americans in considerable debt and scrambling to stay in their homes. In many cases, homeowners ended up owing more on their home than the home was worth, resulting in outrageous mortgage payments.


Bankruptcy is sometimes the only option you have to keep your home safe from foreclosure. You can trust our knowledgeable attorney because he's worked with countless individuals and families who have faced foreclosure since the economy went south.

•  Chapter 7 bankruptcy can discharge your unsecured


•  Bankruptcy can address both secured and unsecured


•  Chapter 13 bankruptcy includes a 3-5 year repayment



Let us work with you to stop foreclosure proceedings and calculate a long-term payment plan that will allow you to remain in your home.

You'll always work directly with our attorney, never with a paralegal or an assistant. Call:

If you have been unable to make mortgage payments on time, you may be in danger of foreclosure. Our attorney will help you fight for against foreclosure on your home so you can protect your family's way of life.


Is bankruptcy right for your family?

Secured vs unsecured debt

Attorney Ralph W. Wilkerson is a former Assistant Attorney General with the Bankruptcy and Collection Enforcement Section.